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OpenWGA and Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is released and we realized some problems with FF4 and OpenWGA.

One minor problem is that some styles no longer are effective in FF4. These style are set in javascript like this:["MozBorderRadius"]="5px". This seems to be no longer supported in FF4. We replaced it by style["borderRadius"] which is now supported in FF4.

A bigger problem is that in some situations a call to element.appendChild(otherElement) executes javascripts contained in otherElement. Because of this bug (?) in FF4 javascripts are sometime executed twice in OpenWGA ajax portlets and this in the end leads to problems with nearly all (Ext-JS based) applications delivered with OpenWGA: Content Manager, Admin Client and others.

However we found a solution for this problem and OpenWGA 5.0.x and 5.3.x will include a fix for ajax portlet handling letting Content Manager and Admin Client do their job also with FF4.

Search as you type using ajax portlets

Even before google's "instant search" websites sometimes showed search results "as you type".

The result looks simething like this:

bildschirmfoto 2010-11-21 um 22.26.00.png

Here is a way to do this in OpenWGA using "ajax portlets" in only 38 lines of code.

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