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Maintenance release 5.5.2 of OpenWGA server available

The second maintenance release for 5.5 can be retrieved in the usual distribution forms.

A note for users of Oracle database servers: From 5.5.2 on the OpenWGA Content Store for Oracle will use the datatype "CLOB" instead of the deprecated type "LONG" for long text columns. The new DDLs can be retrieved in the enterprise edition supply package. The corresponding issue shows a migration path to convert existing content stores on the Oracle platform to the new format.

Find the complete list of addressed issues for 5.5.2 in our issue tracker.

Again there is no new base stream release this time as no issues for this stream were reported on the past month.

Maintenance release 5.5.1 of OpenWGA server available

The first maintenance release for 5.5 is available through the known distribution forms. See the addressed issues on the OpenWGA issue tracker.

There is no maintenance release for 5.0 this time because no issues were reported for this release stream in the past month.

OpenWGA 5.5 released!

We said we would release in the first days of December, so here finally we do in the first ... half of it. Anyway, OpenWGA 5.5 plus OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.5 is now out and we are looking forward to see both in action at our customers. Get them from the downloads.

See here whats new in 5.5.

Arguably the biggest thing in 5.5 is the Basic Website Kit, giving everyone the ability to create OpenWGA websites without building them from scratch. We have put together a little tutorial about how to get started with this.

Of course we also have updated the general documentation for 5.5, including a minimal upgrade guide at which you might want to throw a glance before updating.

Oh yes, and as you may have also noticed by now: Our website now looks a bit different. Less blue, less clutter. We like it and hope you will too. But the main structure and contents of the site mainly stayed the same, so the known resources should still be found at the known places.

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