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OpenWGA 5.2 available. apt-get it now.

Three month of hard work lie behind us. Today we finished the development of version 5.2 of our open source content management system OpenWGA. All our web servers has been updated. Downloads are available on the website as well as through our debian repository.

So please "apt-get install openwga5-ce-feature" today.

(As a Mac user I must admit that this debian way of updating a server is new for me. But I like it. I just updated my own private web server to OpenWGA 5.2 and it took me 10 seconds and a few minutes to wait to deinstall the beta I had installed before, download and install the release and restart the OpenWGA system. All with one single command. That can't be easier.)

If you want to know why you should upgrade, continue reading ...

OpenWGA for PostgreSQL on the horizon

One of the first questions that we were asked on our forums about OpenWGA was if it could be used together with PostgreSQL database server for content storage.

Unfortunately we had to deny this at that time, but it brought this (at least in the linux world) well liked and quite underestimated database platform back to our attention. We had experimented with it some years ago but without ever making some real steps for WGA.

Now we are happy to announce that a beta version of the "OpenWGA Content Store for PostgreSQL" will be available when we release OpenWGA 5.2 (which should be in November this year). It will of course be an open source release free to use for all users of the OpenWGA Community Edition.

As we do not yet have any real experience with productive environments on PostgreSQL it will be a "use at your own risk" release at first, but we hope and are quite sure that it will find some early adopters around the Postgres-Fans out there that will help us hardening this new database server option.

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