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    OpenWGA Server 6.3.4 Maintenance Release (Build 580)

Finally there: OpenWGA 6.3 is released!

So, after the almost mandatory delay ("It's finished when it's finished!") we are proud to release OpenWGA Server 6.3 into to the wild! Everything that is new&cool about this release is compiled into this Whats new in 6.3 page.

Updaters: If you never read update instructions this time you should really take note of the update guide. Among other important things to verify there is a new content store upgrade patch in this version which this time however is not applied automatically. It is to be applied manually and you need to decide if and how you do this, based on your architecture. More details in the guide.

Along with this server release we also provide to you OpenWGA Developer Studio 2.3, again just to have support for the new design features in your IDE. See here how to update your existing installation.

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