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First Feature Release of OpenWGA: Version 5.1

After we initial released OpenWGA 5.0 end of April, three month later we are now proud to announce the first "feature release" of our open source CMS platform.

As described here we will support and maintain the "base release" OpenWGA 5.0 for another three years. New features however will be releases in "feature releases" like this new 5.1 version.

As always you can lookup all changes in our tracker system. This post however will highlight a few of them in detail.

Improvements for multi language websites

If a website contains contents in different languages there is no easy answer to the question what content language to present to the user. The situation becomes even more complex if the site itself "includes" contents from other sites and presents parts of the sites (f. e. forms) using labels.

In OpenWGA 5.1 we implemented a new way the systems handles multi language sites and we think we made this topic much easier to understand and to administrate. We also think that this new language behavior is more search engine friendly the way OpenWGA 5.0 does it.

We will describe this new "language behavior" in a separate post. A details technical description can be found today in the (new) OpenWGA 5.1 documentation.

Transaction support for SQL-based content stores

The synchronization of a staging system with a production system (only available in the OpenWGA enterprise edition) now uses SQL transactions. This ensures a consistent state of the updated production site in case of synchronization failures and avoids inconsistencies during the sync-process.

Serving of large file attachments like f. e. video files

Large files are often media files which are streamed to the client. This means that the database connection serving the data may be held for a very long time. At this time the connection and the J2EE thread are blocked and cannot serve other requests.

To handle this situation we implemented a concept where large files can be served by an external http server outside of OpenWGA relieving the OpenWGA resources.

Improved content management features

As part of OpenWGA we also updated the CMS authoring application "OpenWGA Content Manager".

Editing of rich text field content is now consistent across all supported browsers (Gecko, Webkit, IE>6).

We added advanced drag&drop support in several areas (currently only available in Webkit and Gecko browsers):

  • Drag (multiple) files directly from the local file system and drop them to the CMS attachment panel to upload files. Never ever see file upload dialogs again. Never again get blocked and wait for a file upload to finish.
  • In Firefox 3.6 you may even drop files directly into a richtext field like in any desktop application. The files are uploaded to the server in the background. Image files automatically generate image tags, other files generates download links for you.
  • Drag file entries from the attachment panel into a rich text field to generate download links or image tags.
  • Drag entries from the site explorer to generate internal links to other content pages.
  • Drag and drop entries in the site explorer to a new position to restructure your website.

Visit the updated online demo to try the new features yourself.

New plugin management in the admin client

Also the OpenWGA admin client got an update. We implemented a new plugin management.

OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.1

In addition to the OpenWGA System we also updated the integrated development environment for OpenWGA. The most important new feature here is the new code completion for TMLScript.

Updated Documentation

Last but not least we updated the OpenWGA documentation library to reflect all the new features.


Repliki zegarków 2014/03/26 05:15

When you use a TML-Tag in a template behind the scene a more or less complex piece of java code is executed. But you will never call that java code directly. You just use tags and invoke JavaScript-Methods.

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