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Upgrade to OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.1

The first feature release of the OpenWGA Developer Studio is ready for download:
  • One of the main features in this release is the code completion for TMLScript which will make coding script blocks faster and more reliable (see this post).
  • WDS 1.1 contains support for OpenWGA 5.1
  • You can define headers for new created files global or per project. This is very useful when each source file must contain for e.g. an OSS license header.
For a complete list of changes please visit the tracker.

Read more to find out how to update your existing installations.

How to upgrade

In existing installations you need to change the update site location to retrieve the new version. Update sites are managed within the preferences dialog 'Window'->'Preferences':

You should find an update site entry "OpenWGA Developer Studio". Just change the location of this entry to:

If you installed the OpenWGA Developer Studio in an existing eclipse installation please use the following update site URL:

After changing the update site location a click on 'Help' -> 'Check for Updates' should retrieve the new feature release of the WDS:

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