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OpenWGA 6: The shark escapes!

shark-openwga-6-400.pngQuick, is it still May? Yes? Well, that was close. :-)

So here it is: OpenWGA 6 is available through our various distribution channels. Get it while it's hot!

Also look for the new OpenWGA Developer Studio 2.0, the matching IDE to support you in creating OpenWGA 6 compliant designs.

Things to explore:

Some additional notes about this release:

Users of debian packages: The name of the OpenWGA 6 release package is now "openwga6-ce-base" (or "openwga6-ee-base" for enterprise customers), so you will not be upgraded automatically via "apt-get upgrade". Instead you need to install the new package which will automatically remove the old one of OpenWGA 5.

If you were on the OpenWGA 5 feature stream before you will automatically switch to the OpenWGA 6 base stream for now. Once we start releasing OpenWGA 6.x feature releases you will be able to switch back to feature stream. See our Release Strategy if you do not know what "base" and "feature" streams are.

For users of the OpenWGA 5.0 base stream: With the time of this new base release we will continue maintenance for OpenWGA 5.0 for one full year from now. You should plan to upgrade your 5.0 servers to 6.0 in this time before the old base stream goes "end of life" and its maintenance is closed.

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