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    womodo CMS Server 7.4.5 Maintenance Release (Build 663)

Maintenance release 6.0.1 of OpenWGA server available

The first maintenance release fixes quite a number of minor glitches with our new base platform. Get it in the usual distribution forms.

See the addressed issues in our issue tracker.

Update from 20. June 2012: We had to distribute a patch version of OpenWGA server today that addresses an Issue regarding a potential deadlock on some environments with multi-processor hardware. Users of OpenWGA 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 with highly concurrent website traffic should update to this version to prevent this problem.


Repliki zegarków 2014/03/26 05:12

The maintenance train rolls again for OpenWGA Server. Fetch your updates in your favourite distribution form from our downloads section.

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