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About OpenWGA 6.1

The last year have been quite a ride for us here at Innovation Gate, being almost constantly up to our necks in various customer projects. In those projects we used OpenWGA 6.0 for some very interesting custom website architectures, that demanded every bit of flexibility that our product has to offer (which, fortunately, is a lot). These are exactly the challenges for which we built OpenWGA and it's a great experience to see your own "brainchild" living up to it's promise!

But: The downside of this, as we have already talked about in an earlier posting, was the lack of feature development in the last months, so that we needed to postpone work on version 6.1 multiple times.

Well, you might have guessed it by now: We've done it once again :-) But the good news is, there now is a definite schedule for OpenWGA 6.1 release which will be on April the 2nd (Yes, we edited that, sorry again. And we still think that releasing on the day before would be a bad idea...).

Read on to see what goodies to expect from OpenWGA 6.1.

OpenWGA 6.1 and it's feature set was compiled and planned with our current projects in mind and therefor addresses mostly very pragmatic improvements over 6.0, which you might find more evolutionary rather than revolutionary. So 6.1 will be more about "rounding rough edges" than about "jumping ahead with innovation".

Don't worry, we haven't run out of ideas, not in the slightest. But those will have to wait for 6.2. Right now it is important for us to get 6.1 including the following improvements out of the door.

So here is a list of the essential things which OpenWGA 6.1 will be about:

  • Extended OpenWGA Server API: OpenWGA 6.1 will feature a greatly extended "Server API", available to TMLScript AND custom Java components, which will offer a far wider range of functionality. This includes introspection of apps/data sources/domains etc., an intuitive querying API, running custom TMLScript expressions, context-sensitive resolving of design references and many things more.
  • Improved overlay management: Overlays are no longer automatically upgraded the moment they are connected with an updated base plugin. Instead OpenWGA automatically uses updated base resources without actually touching the overlay design. That way this overlay stays compatible with the initial base version. Upgrading an overlay for a new base design now is a manual process.
  • Improved password security: The functionality to store passwords for user definition documents and administrator logins has been modernized to use the "bcrypt" algorithm, which provides significantly better protection against the current password cracking strategies "of the trade" like dictionary and brute force attacks.
  • Many smaller Content Manager improvements, like automatic extraction of Data-URLs within copy&pasted richtext into attachments, better differentiation between page and content settings, customizable sidebar and drag&drop behaviour for individual projects, optimized site explorer paging and many things more.
  • Many smaller WebTML improvements, to name only a few, including the ability for dynamic attributes to conditionally return a VOID value and let WebTML behave like the attribute does not exist, setting scaling information directly on <tml:image>, specifying WebTML parameters as dynamic attributes on <tml:url> and <tml:query>, intuitive context functions and event scripts for HDBModel storage documents.
  • Many upgraded base libraries and functionalities should offer better parallel processing and general performance.
So this is it. While the really big changes are missing in this list we still hope that everybody working with OpenWGA will find hers/his "sweet spots" in those improvements and look forward to the end of March.

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Finally: OpenWGA 6.1 released and available for download

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