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OpenWGA 6.1 documentation, OpenWGA Server 6.1.1, OpenWGA Developer Studio 2.1.1

Today we've published the updated documentation of OpenWGA 6.1 on this website. Inside the doc books of the WebTML/TMLScript reference have a look for documents that are marked with a star symbol page_white_star.png in the document tree on the left. These are new functionalities in  version 6.1 to explore.

As always there is a little upgrade guide which is not exactly spectacular this time. However you should have a look at the opportunity to improve the security of password hash generation of OpenWGA with this version, to make the worst case that your password hash databases are stolen less fatal.

Along with the documentation we release OpenWGA Server 6.1.1 and OpenWGA Developer Studio 2.1.1 early, as some things regarding new APIs and their Code Completion needed to be tweaked. So please update both to ensure consistent behaviour with the documentation.

[Update 18.4.2013]: Now the updated WGAPI reference as well as the new OpenWGA Server API reference are available online. What is new in OpenWGA 6.1 can now be also read in condensed form here.


Repliki zegarków 2014/03/26 04:59

A feature closely related to derivates are file annotations. File attachments now provide flexible ways of annotating your files with additional metadata.

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