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About OpenWGA 7.1

Though we have been quiet about it lately the first feature release for OpenWGA 7 is actually already around the corner, with a planned release date in beginning February (yes, 2015!). Let's have a look at whats in store this time:

  • Lucene fulltext search is able to index the contents of file attachments and find file-specific matches
  • PDF attachments are lucene-indexed and derivate images are created: a poster image and previews of the first pages (Enterprise only)
  • Posters, previews and lucene indexing are also available for Microsoft Office Documents, Open/LibreOffice documents and anything else that unoconv can read on supported platforms (Enterprise only)
  • CommonJS support is added to TMLScript, including base libraries and the ability to add custom CommonJS libs
  • Some other WebTML/TMLScript enhancements like sortable navigators, passthru HTML attributes and the ability to design error pages in WebTML on a per-app basis
  • Editors for file metadata and to create poster derivates for video attachents in Content Manager
As you can see the most work went into new derivates and fulltext indexing for file attachments this time, including enhancements on the backend engines to enable these things, so this is again an "attachment-centric" release. We're excited to see, what impact these new capabilities will have on our and your projects!

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