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  • OpenWGA Blogs 2.4.2 Build 132
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    womodo CMS Server 7.8.3 Maintenance Release (Build 695)

OpenWGA 7.4.3 released

OpenWGA 7.4.3 has just been released.

Find a complete list of all issues in our issue tracker.

additional script languages

- 00005039: Restructured synchronisation of SASS-Engine access

Admin Client

- 00005038: Admin client "clear caches" always clears all caches


- 00005029: Added plugin app-ui-3-1 to gradle build

Content Manager

- 00005035: CM: don't wait for derivates if derivates creation is disabled - 00005036: CM dashboard: labels not found in section "trash" - 00005037: Improved siteexplorer to use language behaviour - 00005040: CM: image scriptlets not calculated if one image has a user defined width

Content Modules

- 00005043: CMM download-list throws exception if files from other contents are used


- 00005022: LifetimeExceededException after long running jobs - 00005023: Optionally create file annotations only for published contents - 00005024: Added jobContext.dbUpdated(db) for data maintenance - 00005028: NPE if TMLScript object could not be loaded - 00005031: improved custom PageRightsFilter - 00005032: host based preferred language - 00005033: Browser preferred language behaviour uses "host based preferred languages" - 00005034: Image converter must check existence of ORIENTATION Tag in jpgs - 00005041: incident TML may not be called on 403 errors


- 00005044: RTF custom scriptlets are not resolved if included from foreign design


- 00005030: <tml:url type="nextpage|previouspage"> not working in some situations


- 00005042: WGA.App().query("lucene", ...) throws NPE if query is empty

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