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OpenWGA 7.4 available

The new version 7.4 is available now.

Read more in our issue tracker

Follow Innovation Gate on Facebook

We started our (german) facebook page today.

Womodo released

While we are working on OpenWGA 7.4 we released the last 7.3 maintenance relaese today.

Content Manager

  • #00004839 CM: unable to image-drop in empty table cells
  • #00004837 CM: virtual links changes not saved
  • #00004822 CM doesn't load if settings "entries in siteexplorer" is empty string


  • #00004838 Workflow Approval page shows error

Using SASS with OpenWGA

In case you didn't know this: OpenWGA 7.3 suppports SCSS.

SCSS is a CSS preprocessor compiling your SCSS code to CSS.

To use SCSS define you scss code as CSS-recource (in scripts/css) with file extension .scss. Address this resource as usual using <tml:url type="css">. OpenWGA will find your scss code and compiles it to CSS on the fly without any further actions for the designer. No separate build process is required.

SCSS code is cached. As long as you don't change your scss code (or one of the "@import-ed" resources) the CSS is served from the cache without running the scss processor again.

In production mode the resulting CSS code is automatically compressed. In developer mode (using OpenWGA Developer Studio) the CSS is not compressed.

OpenWGA 7.3.2 Maintenance Release

Today we released the monthly maintenance release OpenWGA 7.3.2 containing bug fixes and improvements.

Find the complete list of changes in our issue tracker.

OpenWGA 7.3.1 Maintenance Release

Today we released the monthly maintenance release OpenWGA 7.3.1 containing some bug fixes and improvements to v-host configuration:

  • edit robots.txt directly in v-host config
  • specify if admin client and contentmanager are allowed for a v-host

As usual find the complete list of changes in our issue tracker.

Item Expressions in OpenWGA 7.3

In OpenWGA before 7.2 when using <tml:item name="someName"/> OpenWGA tried to retrieve the item value as follows:
  • Values of WebTML variables (local vars, session vars, portlet vars) by variable name
  • Values of mapped item values
  • Values of Content Items
In OpenWGA 7.2 (with designs of version compliance 7.2 or higher) items are treated as "item expressions".

OpenWGA Developer Studio Update

BTW: together with OpenWGA 7.3 we also released an update to WDS (Developer Studio) supporting the new functions of this OpenWGA version.

The update should be available through "help/check for Updates" in WDS 3.2. If you use an older WDS version you should do a fresh install.

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