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OpenWGA 7.2

For all of you who didn't notice: 

OpenWGA 7.2 has been released silently a few weeks ago.

The release can be downloaded as usual here.

We are working on 7.2.1 with some interesting new features and additional improvements. 7.2.1 is planned to be released shortly.

In addition to OpenWGA 7.2 we also released a new version 3.2.0 of OpenWGA Developer Studio (WDS) based on Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) supporting all new OpenWGA 7.2 Tags and TMLScript API calls.

Maintenance releases 7.1.3 and 7.0.8 for OpenWGA Server available

It's holiday time and our maintenance updates are in 6-week-mode for two times. Here is the first installment with updates for both, current base and feature stream. There were no issues on the legacy base stream 6.0 this time:

Maintenance releases 7.1.2, 7.0.7 and 6.0.28 for OpenWGA Server available

This month, with a slight delay, we have the big maintenance package featuring releases on both base streams plus the feature stream.

See issues addressed on:

As these maintenance releases also fix a minor cross-site scripting issue we recommend upgrading to the respective release on your used stream.

Maintenance releases 7.1.1 and 7.0.6 for OpenWGA Server available

The first maintenance of OpenWGA 7.1 and the continued maintenance of the 7.0 base stream are now available.  There is no maintenance of 6.0 this month as no issues were reported.

(This might not be the best day for a product announcement, but well, if it were for april fools we would have been making up something more interesting ;-)

OpenWGA 7.1 is released

As delay is somehow part of the game we today released OpenWGA 7.1 CMS Server, some weeks late on schedule. Nevertheless, we hope you find it to be worth the wait.

See our summary page of what's new in 7.1 to have an overview of what's in store for this release.

As always, please take note of our update guide before pulling the update trigger to ensure a smooth transition.

OpenWGA 7.1 of course is accompanied with a new OpenWGA Developer Studio 3.1 release. You can update your WDS 3.0 installation to this new release using the integrated update functionality ("Help > Check for Updates" on the menu).

[Update 23.03.2015]

Today we released OpenWGA which fixes a security vulnerability regarding the new "error incident pages" feature in OpenWGA 7.1. Customers already using this feature are advised to upgrade to this new release.

OpenWGA 7 is released!

The new server base release is available on the usual distribution channels. The same goes for OpenWGA Developer Studio 3, which offers development support for this new server platform.

Find out about everything that is included in this release on the What's new in 7.0 page.

Of course there is also an updated documentation for this release, including an update guide to assist you in the task of performing a smooth transfer from your current version to this one. As this is a base release it also contains detailed instructions for the case when you are updating directly from the previous 6.0 base release.

And speaking of base releases: This release also marks the start of the last year of maintenance support for OpenWGA 6.0.  So we encourage all customers using this version to update to 7.0 until September 2015.

About OpenWGA 7.0

So OpenWGA 6.3 is now three months old and we're already deep into creating its successor version which will again be a "dot-oh" one, as the release of the previous main version 6.0 is also already two years in the past.

As you might already know the main version releases of OpenWGA are not the ones where big and drastic changes are coming, unlike known from other software. OpenWGA 7.0 is the new base version that we are going to support for a full 3 year period, so we use this version to refine and improve all the new things that we introduced in the preceding feature releases to provide a mature, stable and long-lived platform.

But as usual, even in our base release we will introduce some smaller goodies that should make it worth upgrading (in case the extended support period and easier maintenance is not enough value for you).

Here is what's in store for OpenWGA 7.0:

  • Improved WGAPI caching, providing much better scaleability in environments with many authenticated users and much read-protected content
  • Improved customization possibilities for OpenWGA Content Manager including menus, sections on the right panel and dialogs
  • Improved design customizations, allowing to predefine, jobs, design shortcuts, various mappings and a separate minimum OpenWGA server version
  • Support for cancelling running jobs in a clean way
  • Server startup/shutdown speed improved
  • Database transactions can be controlled via end user API
  • Access to WebTML navigational functions in TMLScript
OpenWGA 7.0 is currently scheduled for a release in early September 2014. As usual this release date will also start the one year "grace period" for the support of the old OpenWGA 6.0 base version. In this period we will continue to publish 6.0.x maintenance releases until support runs out at its end. Users of this old base version may want to use this period for planning the upgrade to 7.0 which will provide them continued easy access to maintenance releases.

Maintenance releases 6.3.1 and 6.0.19 for OpenWGA Server available

So here is the first maintenance of our brand new 6.3 feature release along with the 19th one of our not-so-new-any-more base release. Get both from the downloads.

The issues addressed:

Update on 13.5.2014: Today we released Patch 1 for OpenWGA 6.3.1 which fixes an issue that might hide navigation links on multi-page collections. If you experience this issue and already have OpenWGA 6.3.1 installed please upgrade to the patch version which is available now. 

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