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About OpenWGA 7.1

Though we have been quiet about it lately the first feature release for OpenWGA 7 is actually already around the corner, with a planned release date in beginning February (yes, 2015!). Let's have a look at whats in store this time:

  • Lucene fulltext search is able to index the contents of file attachments and find file-specific matches
  • PDF attachments are lucene-indexed and derivate images are created: a poster image and previews of the first pages (Enterprise only)
  • Posters, previews and lucene indexing are also available for Microsoft Office Documents, Open/LibreOffice documents and anything else that unoconv can read on supported platforms (Enterprise only)
  • CommonJS support is added to TMLScript, including base libraries and the ability to add custom CommonJS libs
  • Some other WebTML/TMLScript enhancements like sortable navigators, passthru HTML attributes and the ability to design error pages in WebTML on a per-app basis
  • Editors for file metadata and to create poster derivates for video attachents in Content Manager
As you can see the most work went into new derivates and fulltext indexing for file attachments this time, including enhancements on the backend engines to enable these things, so this is again an "attachment-centric" release. We're excited to see, what impact these new capabilities will have on our and your projects!

FireFox 32 supports img attribute srcset

FireFox version 32 now supports the new HTML5 attribute "srcset" on the HTML <img> Tag.

OpenWGA generates this new attribute that is able to generate optimized images for retina displays by default when using <tml:image derivate="..."> (see documentation).

Read more about "adaptive images" in OpenWGA here.

The support however ist still not enabled by default in Firefox. Open about:config and set attribute dom.image.srcset.enabled to true.

Adaptive images with OpenWGA 6.3

Until some years ago it was usual and normal that a website would be given to every user in identical form. All received the same layout, the same content and identical images. This has changed especially with the rise of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Because of the varying screen sizes it is now common to serve an optimized version of a website for every device.

Maintenance releases 6.3.1 and 6.0.19 for OpenWGA Server available

So here is the first maintenance of our brand new 6.3 feature release along with the 19th one of our not-so-new-any-more base release. Get both from the downloads.

The issues addressed:

Update on 13.5.2014: Today we released Patch 1 for OpenWGA 6.3.1 which fixes an issue that might hide navigation links on multi-page collections. If you experience this issue and already have OpenWGA 6.3.1 installed please upgrade to the patch version which is available now. 

Finally there: OpenWGA 6.3 is released!

So, after the almost mandatory delay ("It's finished when it's finished!") we are proud to release OpenWGA Server 6.3 into to the wild! Everything that is new&cool about this release is compiled into this Whats new in 6.3 page.

Updaters: If you never read update instructions this time you should really take note of the update guide. Among other important things to verify there is a new content store upgrade patch in this version which this time however is not applied automatically. It is to be applied manually and you need to decide if and how you do this, based on your architecture. More details in the guide.

Along with this server release we also provide to you OpenWGA Developer Studio 2.3, again just to have support for the new design features in your IDE. See here how to update your existing installation.

About OpenWGA 6.3

So it's again 4 months since we released OpenWGA 6.2. Is there anything like version 6.3 on the horizon? Oh yes, there is. And if you found the latest releases relatively ... well, boring, then there is a chance that you might change your mind on this one. There are actually some major new features in line for OpenWGA 6.3, currently scheduled for release  in early April 2014 [Updated]Let's have a brief overview of things to come.

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