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OpenWGA jquery plugin documentation

Finally we added the long missing documentation for OpenWGA jquery plugins:


This plugin generates a tree structure. Tree data can either been defined locally (as part of the design) or remote via JSON data.


This plugins provides a multi columns view that can be slided to left and right.

Sliding can be done by "touch-swipe" on iOS devices if the additional jquery plugin "swipehandler" is included.


The modal plugin toggles your hidden content on demand as a popup.


This plugins provides an accordion view. It takes a set of "content panels" and display only one of them hiding the others.


This plugin provides lightbox function for images.

Textarea Autogrow

The modal plugin provides auto grow function for textareas. The teaxtarea is automatically resized as the user types or removes text.

Textarea Tabhandler

The modal plugin provides TAB handling for textareas. TABs are inserted at the beginning of a line when the TAB key is typed. TABs are removed from the beginning of the line (if possible) when SHIFT-TAB is typed.

Inserting and removing TABs is also supported for a selection of multiple lines.

Enjoy the documentation here.

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