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Maintenance releases 6.2.6 and 6.0.18 for OpenWGA Server available

So here are the march updates for both OpenWGA streams, including the likely last one for 6.2. Get them from the downloads.

See the addressed issues:

(Hint: They are equal this time for both releases as there were no pure 6.2 issues in the last month)

[Update 18.03.2014: Today we released a patch version OpenWGA because of this issue, which would prevent correct initialisation of new overlay directories.]

Maintenance releases 6.2.5 and 6.0.17 for OpenWGA Server available

A little late, but here are the new maintenance releases for base and feature stream, as usual retrievable from the Downloads.

See the addressed issues:

Maintenance releases 6.2.4 and 6.0.16 for OpenWGA Server available

Get them from the downloads.

See the release overviews containing the addressed issues:

About upgraded subprojects

On the release overviews you might notice a little star symbol next to some of the subproject builds contained in those releases. They mark subprojects that were also upgraded since the last version, so the issues that you find documented on those builds (just click the link on the version number) were also addressed in the respective release.

Normally you can identify those upgraded subprojects by their version number, which is always identical to the one of the OpenWGA release that the current version was initially added to. So OpenWGA admin client 6.2.4 is the version that was upgraded on and added to OpenWGA server 6.2.4.

But sometimes subproject versions originate from a different development stream than the current one.  As you can see on 6.2.4 the OpenWGA Content Store Maintenance Plugin version 6.0.16 is also new in OpenWGA server 6.2.4.  This is because it was initially added to OpenWGA Server 6.0.16 and then "merged up" into OpenWGA Server 6.2.4. This is not easy to track back just by the overview information.

Because of this the star symbol now helps you to easily identify those upgraded subprojects so you know about the complete set of addressed issues for a release.

About OpenWGA 6.2

OpenWGA 6.1 is now almost four months old and it is about time for us to talk about our plans for its successor version. The work for it is in full progress, and while we're again behind schedule regarding our original plan for creating feature releases it won't again take a full year for it to get available. 

In fact it is scheduled to be released in not too far time on 9nd September (Update: We had to postpone the release for a week due to outstanding issues). So let's have a look at what is planned for the second installment of OpenWGA 6 feature releases.

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