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Maintenance releases 7.1.3 and 7.0.8 for OpenWGA Server available

It's holiday time and our maintenance updates are in 6-week-mode for two times. Here is the first installment with updates for both, current base and feature stream. There were no issues on the legacy base stream 6.0 this time:

Maintenance releases 7.1.2, 7.0.7 and 6.0.28 for OpenWGA Server available

This month, with a slight delay, we have the big maintenance package featuring releases on both base streams plus the feature stream.

See issues addressed on:

As these maintenance releases also fix a minor cross-site scripting issue we recommend upgrading to the respective release on your used stream.

Maintenance releases 7.1.1 and 7.0.6 for OpenWGA Server available

The first maintenance of OpenWGA 7.1 and the continued maintenance of the 7.0 base stream are now available.  There is no maintenance of 6.0 this month as no issues were reported.

(This might not be the best day for a product announcement, but well, if it were for april fools we would have been making up something more interesting ;-)

OpenWGA 7.1 is released

As delay is somehow part of the game we today released OpenWGA 7.1 CMS Server, some weeks late on schedule. Nevertheless, we hope you find it to be worth the wait.

See our summary page of what's new in 7.1 to have an overview of what's in store for this release.

As always, please take note of our update guide before pulling the update trigger to ensure a smooth transition.

OpenWGA 7.1 of course is accompanied with a new OpenWGA Developer Studio 3.1 release. You can update your WDS 3.0 installation to this new release using the integrated update functionality ("Help > Check for Updates" on the menu).

[Update 23.03.2015]

Today we released OpenWGA which fixes a security vulnerability regarding the new "error incident pages" feature in OpenWGA 7.1. Customers already using this feature are advised to upgrade to this new release.

OpenWGA 7.1 Content Manager

The OpenWGA 7.1 Content Manager has some changes we would like to communicate in this blog before the final release.

Font-Color, Font-Family, Font-Size


We decided to remove the possibility to select colors, fonts and font size in the RTF editor. 

These selection created old style HTML <font ...> tag and the most annoying is that once authors used one of this formattings they where not able to remove them (other than using the HTML-View of the RTF editor). For this reason these formatting options where disabled in the most customer projects so that removing them should be no real problem for most of our customers.

In general we thing that using CSS is a much better way to format text in RTF fields.

As a side effect the new RTF edit panel now looks a lot cleaner.

Attachment Panel

We completely attachments.pngredesigned the attachment panel.

Im CM 7.0 and earlier we had a "List view" showing all attachments and an "Image view" showing only images in a thumbnail layout.

We now have independent "layout" and "filter".

The List view presents attachments in a list layout. You may however filter this list to show only images, videos, PDF-document etc.

The new Thumbnail view presents attachments in a thumbnail layout. Just like in the list view You can decide to filter the view to show any images, vides etc. This thumbnail view tries to show "poster images" for attachments that are no image. OpenWGA 7.1 is able to create poster images for PDF-s, OpenOffice-Documents, MS-Office Documents and Videos.

You are even able to use those poster images as "normal image" by dragging it into an RTF field or an image module. Even if the attachment ist a PDF or an office document.

Attachment meta data

file-metas.pngA new dialog for file meta data let you specify title, description and a copyright information about your attachment. These meta information will be displayed in the new search module if uses each for keywords and attachments are found.

The meta data are also displayed in a new content module "file infos" available as part of the OpenWGA enterprise edition.

About OpenWGA 7.1

Though we have been quiet about it lately the first feature release for OpenWGA 7 is actually already around the corner, with a planned release date in beginning February (yes, 2015!). Let's have a look at whats in store this time:

  • Lucene fulltext search is able to index the contents of file attachments and find file-specific matches
  • PDF attachments are lucene-indexed and derivate images are created: a poster image and previews of the first pages (Enterprise only)
  • Posters, previews and lucene indexing are also available for Microsoft Office Documents, Open/LibreOffice documents and anything else that unoconv can read on supported platforms (Enterprise only)
  • CommonJS support is added to TMLScript, including base libraries and the ability to add custom CommonJS libs
  • Some other WebTML/TMLScript enhancements like sortable navigators, passthru HTML attributes and the ability to design error pages in WebTML on a per-app basis
  • Editors for file metadata and to create poster derivates for video attachents in Content Manager
As you can see the most work went into new derivates and fulltext indexing for file attachments this time, including enhancements on the backend engines to enable these things, so this is again an "attachment-centric" release. We're excited to see, what impact these new capabilities will have on our and your projects!

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