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OpenWGA 7.1 is released

As delay is somehow part of the game we today released OpenWGA 7.1 CMS Server, some weeks late on schedule. Nevertheless, we hope you find it to be worth the wait.

See our summary page of what's new in 7.1 to have an overview of what's in store for this release.

As always, please take note of our update guide before pulling the update trigger to ensure a smooth transition.

OpenWGA 7.1 of course is accompanied with a new OpenWGA Developer Studio 3.1 release. You can update your WDS 3.0 installation to this new release using the integrated update functionality ("Help > Check for Updates" on the menu).

[Update 23.03.2015]

Today we released OpenWGA which fixes a security vulnerability regarding the new "error incident pages" feature in OpenWGA 7.1. Customers already using this feature are advised to upgrade to this new release.

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