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Module Controllers in OpenWGA 7.2

Model-View-Controller is a standard design pattern in modern software development.

Dividing view components from controller scripts makes the code easier to maintain and enables developers to test controller functions with external test frameworks.

In OpenWGA the "view component" is the TML module that renders the page (or part of it). Until now this TML often also contains script code (the "controller") nessesarry to render the TML module. The new module controller concept in OpenWGA 7.2 let you move your controller code into a separate TMLScript module. This makes the TML itself cleaner and easier to understand and makes the script methods testable by test frameworks. It also may improve the performance of TML modules.

TMLScript objects V2

TMLScript objects are objects defined in TMLScript modules that carry certain parts of needed functionality for the design.

OpenWGA 7.2 introduced a new way to define and use TMLScript objects. We call this "TMLScript Objects V2" and it is now the prefered way to use script objects. However the "old way" to use TMLScript objects is still supported and is described here.

We already posted about the new TMLScript object strategy as a concept. Today we want to "wrap up" what we actually implemented in OpenWGA 7.2.

Updated OpenWGA Cheat Sheet

We just updated the OpenWGA Cheat Sheet to OpenWGA version 5.3.


Reorganizing TMLScript in OpenWGA 5.3

Just like on any scripting language the capabilities of TMLScript grew massively over time. It gained XML and HTML parsing support, access to lucene fulltext searching, the ability to run master session functionalities "inline" and many more. With OpenWGA 5.3 we found that our traditional way to add and organize those new features would have to change.

OpenWGA Cheat Sheet V1.0

From developers for developers: The OpenWGA Cheat Sheet V1.0:


(click to view/download PDF)

Preview OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.1

OpenWGA contains a huge featured script engine. If you are suffered from jumping between code and a browser window for reading the script reference to lookup the right methods, you should read more about the upcoming TMLScript code completion support in OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.1.

Know How you need for OpenWGA Development

New template language? New scripting language? Need Java Know How?
Like in any other CMS OpenWGA templates are defined in a special "layout language" and server side actions are programmed in a special scripting language. Does that mean you have to learn new languages and need a long time to get productive with OpenWGA?

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