OpenWGA CMS Server

The download packages in this section are intended to setup productive CMS servers running OpenWGA.

If you are new to OpenWGA CMS and want to test it we recommend to download and install the OpenWGA Developer Studio instead.

We provide different distribution forms for different target environments. However Linux Servers are the recommended platform to run OpenWGA servers.

OpenWGA on Debian Linux (recommended)

For Debian based distributions the preferred installation method is using our deb repository. The package contains the OpenWGA CMS server together with a ready configured Apache Tomcat Application Server.

Find more information in the installation instructions for debian packages.

OpenWGA on other operating systems 

On other operating systems you need to have a J2EE web application server, like Apache Tomcat, that will host the CMS server. Then use our WAR file distribution to add the OpenWGA CMS to this server.

This tutorial describes the installation of OpenWGA on Microsoft Windows operating systems in detail.

Update an existing OpenWGA server

Updating an existing OpenWGA CMS Server on Debian or Ubuntu systems is done using the package management of the OS. Read more information here.

If you update an OpenWGA CMS server on other linux or on Windows you should download the WAR file distribution and replace the old WAR-file with the new one.