Optimized Media Management

Distinct File Contents, File Derivates and File Annotations

Optimized Media Management

OpenWGA 6.3 java CMS creates and manages image variants in different sizes and automatically uses optimized images where ever possible.

Distinct File Contents

OpenWGA 6.3 content stores introduce "Distinct File Contents".

Your database will no longer store the contents of each individual file attachment. Instead it will only store "unique contents", using a single file content storage for multiple files that are equal.

This not only drastically reduces needed storage space, it also speeds up some processes, like the creation of a draft copy with large/many file attachments.

File derivates

File derivates represent a new type of stored files that are "derived" from your normal file attachments. An example are thumbnails - smaller image versions - for your image file attachments, which OpenWGA 6.3 java CMS will automatically create for you.

But the usage possibilities of derivates are far more flexible than that. They can automatically create any derived version of your files that you can think of, like thumbnails for your attached PDF files or movies.

File Annotations

A feature closely related to derivates are file annotations. File attachments now provide flexible ways of annotating your files with additional metadata.

OpenWGA 6.3 java CMS will automatically determine and store the mime type of your attachment and, in the case of images, determine their width and height.

But again, their usage is open and flexible and you may let OpenWGA annotate your files with any data you want.

24 x 7

Cluster Communication and Management Service

OpenWGA Cluster Management

OpenWGA 6.3 java CMS integrates a cluster communication framework based on Hazelcast.

You are able to manage the OpenWGA configuration on each node and publish changes to the others with a single click. No need to perform configuration changes twice.

User session information can be shared in a servlet container independent way.

The whole cluster communication can be optionally AES encrypted so you are able to deploy an OpenWGA cluster in a WAN environment.

Get Mobile ...

RESTful Service API to communicate with Apps


The easiest way to bind your mobile apps to their data backbone is to utilize a RESTful, resource-oriented HTTP web service which is freely scalable and demands very little from your clients.

OpenWGA 6.3 java CMS comes with an out-of-the-box REST Web Service to access your content data, producing and consuming either XML or JSON markup. 

The whole CMS functionality of OpenWGA is available via this interface, giving your clients full control, whether they are really tablet/smartphone apps or any other entity on your net in demand of OpenWGA content.

Authoring made even more comfortable

Content Manager and Content Modules Improvements

OpenWGA Content Manager

The new customizable dashboard view provides all relevant information at a glance for authors.

Scale the internal webpage view to any size that fits your way of working, either because you have a small screen or you prefer the better overview.

Revamped history panel with improved browser history management which will finally allow to use browser back/forward buttons to navigate visited pages.

Improved content modules for responsive designs and new "image derivate" management.