Developer Studio

The OpenWGA Developer Studio is the dedicated CMS development environment for creating and maintaining OpenWGA CMS application designs, containing all necessary editors, project management features and an embedded OpenWGA CMS server for testing purposes.

You may also want to use the OpenWGA Development Studio to evaluate the OpenWGA CMS platform in an uncomplicated manner. Download and start the desktop client and step through the "getting started" guide to get some impressions about the overall philosophy, strategies and capabilities of the platform.

Receive your copy of OpenWGA Developer Studio from our downloads page.

The OpenWGA Developer Studio is based on the Eclipse platform. It is licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) and therefore is free to use for everyone. Read more about the EPL license on the Eclipse EPL FAQ website.

On the first start of the OpenWGA Developer Studio it downloads the latest version of the GPL licensed OpenWGA CMS Community Edition.