Content Modules - The Author's Creative Suite

There are situations where fixed content item structure in content types is too restrictive for the author. Therefore we added the concept of "content modules" to the OpenWGA Content Manager. Content Modules are ready to use "intelligent page fragments" the author can add to a page in a structure suitable for exactly the content he is working on.


Together with OpenWGA we deliver a collection of ready to use modules ranging from simple rich text fields to complex collections, navigators, sitemaps, page comments, google maps, custom forms and surveys.

Here are some Samples:

Google Map Module with Markers and Overlays

Sample Tab Module with two Tabs

Present content divided in tabs.

Each tab may contain any number of sub modules.

This is the second tab.


Sample Accordion Module

Click on one of the sections to expand it.

Section One

This is section one ...


Section Two

This is section two ...

Even better.

Sample Survey Module

If not already done submit this survey to see the result:

Sample Custom Form Module with Validations

Sample (nested) Column Module

This is column 1 with width 66%.

This module contains an embedded columns child module with two columns:

Because the Column module is a "container module" we can embed any number of other modules inside it.

Column 1.2

Be creative and present your content the way it needs to reach your customers.

Column 2, width 33%.


Content modules are ready to use "intelligent page fragments" the author can add to any page in a structure suitable for exactly the page content he is working on.

Sample Content Box Container Module

The "content box" container module surrounds its child modules in a css-stylable box layout.

The title is optional and it may optionally be linked to any page.

Sample Image Module

Click on the image to see it in a lightbox.