Clustering with OpenWGA


The OpenWGA CMS Enterprise Edition can be installed using a certified Cluster Architectures.


  • Scalability through load balancing
  • fail-safety
  • Easier maintenance of web projects updates.

HTTP session replication is supported out of the box, so there is no need to perform any special configuration on the J2EE server anymore. You can simply form your cluster from one OpenWGA server using the integrated administrative ui.

The whole cluster communication is AES encrypted and therefore can be used across different datacenters without the need of complicated VPN- or SSL tunnels.

Configuration changes can be pushed to other cluster members and must not be configured on each node separately. The cluster communication channel is further available for project related needs so web applications can communicate with each other on the different cluster nodes if necessary.

OpenWGA will work seamless in combination with a clustered database backend like Percona XtraDB Cluster or MySQL Master/Master replication.