CMIS: Content Management Interoperability

The new OASIS standard called CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is a promising new approach to the problem of exchanging content between applications. It is a standard interface by which content hosted on one system can be easily embedded, even modified, from other systems.

OpenWGA implements the CMIS standard as client as well as as server.

That means that you are able to access contents from any CMIS repository (like Alfresco f. e.) within OpenWGA and present that content in your OpenWGA powered website or intranet portal.

On the other hand OpenWGA acts as CMIS server letting any CMIS compatible application access contents from the OpenWGA repository.

Implementing CMIS in OpenWGA makes our customers more independent and secures their investment in OpenWGA technology.

CMIS is available as optional plugin for the OpenWGA enterprise edition.