WAR File Distribution

The OpenWGA WAR-File distribution is primarily meant for installation of OpenWGA on an existing application server or to update an existing OpenWGA installation to the latest version.


  • Installed J2EE Application Server or JSP Servlet container
  • Servers that only implement a J2EE Servlet/JSP runtime environment (e.g. Apache Tomcat) may need the additional libraries mail.jar, jta.jar and activation.jar. These can be downloaded here.
  • Installed Sun Java Runtime Environment or SDK (Version >= 6.0)

Installation Instructions

If your Application Server does not include the activation, jta and mail libraries make sure to include the corresponding JAR-Files in your application servers class path.

If using OpenWGA 5.0 Base Release you must ensure that your Application Server has disabled tag Pooling (Apache Tomcat does that by default) for proper OpenWGA operation. This is no longer neccessary since OpenWGA 5.3 Feature Release.

Download the OpenWGA WAR-File distribution and install it on your J2EE Server or JSP Servlet container following the manufacturers instructions or manual. Make sure the server deploys the WAR-File by unpacking it. OpenWGA will otherwise not run properly.

After completing those steps your application server should display the OpenWGA Welcome page at http://<hostname>:<port>/<application context> which contains information on the next steps to complete your OpenWGA Installation.