OpenWGA blogs

This tutorial treats the creation of a blog application on OpenWGA 5.4.

At first you need to create a new OpenWGA web application. Use the tutorial Setup OpenWGA applications to create a new OpenWGA web application. The design should be taken from application plugin "OpenWGA blog plugin" which is available in the plugin store. The blog design is customizable. However at first you may want to leave the setting "Design directory for customization" on "none". We will explain how to use that later.

The blog application supports multiple blogs in one app, each with its own authors and its own design. To create a new blog open the blog app that you just created in the browser to see the blog administration interface:


If necessary login with your authoring user name and password.

This is the administration interface for editing the settings of a blog:


Click on the Icon for "new Blog", fill in and save the form.

The new blog will be available under the following URL:


While you are logged in as author of the blog you will see a link "Content Management" to the right by which you gain access to the blog authoring UI. Here you can created and edit blog postings.

Customize your blog

To customize your blog do the following:

  • Create a new empty folder in the "designs" directory of your OpenWGA installation/runtime which is to receive the customized modules. In OpenWGA developer studio you can do this by right-clicking the "designs folder" and choose "New > Folder" in the menu.
  • Open the configuration of your blog app in OpenWGA admin client again and edit it. Under Design directory for customization choose the folder you just created and save the configuration again


Now OpenWGA will fill this folder with customizable design resources. In OpenWGA Developer Studio you may need to refresh the folder view by right-clicking your new design folder and choosing "Refresh" from the menu to see those resources.

They look like this:


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