OpenWGA on Windows

Configuring Tomcat

Create the OpenWGA Configuration Directory

Create a directory where wga will store it's configuration and designs. In this example it is D:\wga

Disable tag Pooling (only necessary for OpenWGA 5.0 to 5.2)

Skip this step if you use OpenWGA Version 5.3 or upwards.

Edit the Tomcat configuration File web.xml found in the "conf" subdirectory of your tomcat installation. Find the <servlet>-Tag containing


and add the following parameter:


Setting up Tomcat using the Configure Tomcat-Application

Start the "Configure Tomcat" application from your Start Menu. If you are using Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista or Windows 7 be sure to right click and "Run as Administrator" as it will otherwise not have sufficient rights to run.

Go to the "Java"-Tab and configure the initial and maximum memory pools. The minimum should be no lower than 256 MB, the maximum should suit the available RAM on your server. It should be at least 512 MB though.

Aditionally you need to increase the Perm Gen Size as otherwise OpenWGA will run out of memory. Add the following lines to the Java Options Field:


Those values should be sufficient for most installations though higher values might be required if you are using many plugins or large designs.

The following setting, also to be added to the Java options will prevent the Tomcat server from causing you memory issues because of exhaustive caching:


If you are using Sun/Oracle Java you should also force Tomcat to use the Server VM:


In the final configuration step you need to add a Java Option to configure the OpenWGA configuration directory.


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