Setup Content Modules

Define and register your own content modules

If you have developed your own content module and want to make it availabe to the authors, create a TML module and add your definition as follows:


id: '<unique id of your module>',

title: '<the default title for the module>',

tml: '<the TML rendering your content module>',

settingstml: '<optional TML for module specific settings>'


The id can by any string as long as it is unique among all available modules. All ID-s in the cm-modules plugin are prefixed by cm_. Additional modules developed by Innovation Gate are prefixed with ig_. We advice you to use your own prefix to avoid conflicts with included modules from cm-plugin or other plugins.

Once you have created this TML with the module definition you have to "register" this TML using the following TMLScript code:


We advice to place this registration code in a database connect script.