Using MySQL in Developer Center

When you create a new CMS application using the wizard in OpenWGA Developer Studio you normally create

  • a design folder containing the design of your app
  • a contenstore (repository) in the internal HSQL database server

The internal HSQL-Server is a maintenance free embedded SQL server and the best choice for development. If however you want to use MySQL as your database server for development here is the best way how to do it.

First you need a JDBC driver for MySQL (we can't package this with OpenWGA for license reasons). You can download it from the MySQL website.

Open the OpenWGA CMS runtime, switch to the configuration-tab and add the driver to the tomcat libraries:

You have to restart the CMS runtime after adding this jar.

Create a MySQL Server

Open the admin client, select the DB-Servers section and add your MySQL server to the list of available DB-servers:

From now on you can add contentstores to the MySQL server.

Create a design

Create a new web application using the wizard in the OpenWGA Developer Studio. Make sure the checkbox "register as new application" is unchecked. This ensures that only the design folder but no contentstore is generated.

You now have created a design that is not connected to any contentstore. This design will not be published until you use it for an OpenWGA application which needs a contentstore to store its data (that's why by default we create a contentstore for you in the creation wizard).

Connect a design to a MySQL Contentstore

Open the admin client, select "web applications" and click on "new web application". Select your MySQL server as database server:

Either select an existing database or click on "create a new database" button to create a new one.

Then select your design folder as design source in the same dialog:

After you save your new application you are ready to start using it: Either click on "Open selected web application in ... Browser/Content Manager" in the developer studio's runtime view or directly open the URL "http://localhost:8080/<your-dbkey>" in your browser.

Note that the same procedure can be used to create contentstores and connect a design to it on any other type of database server available on our OpenWGA CMS system.