Application Development

If you have ever wondered...

  • why your CMS web projects end up being half Website, half Web Application
  • why you can either choose to implement them...
    • ... on an Application Server (where you have to do all those tedious data retrieving and publishing tasks yourself)
    • or on a CMS Content Publishing system (struggling with poor customizing and programming capabilities)
  • where exactly is the division line between Websites and Web Applications these days, and if there should even be one

...well we have too. And OpenWGA CMS is our answer.

It's Content Management ...

OpenWGA CMS provides a simple to understand content repository, consisting of a hierarchy of page documents. The contents of these documents is seamlessly integrated into the CMS design templates that define a sites layout. There is no need to program against database connectivity layers to get to the data you want. It is just "there".

... with an App Development edge

OpenWGA CMS provides powerful tools to build functional Websites or content-driven Applications with the compexity of your needs.

You may simply rely on the tag-based syntax of our CMS template definition language WebTML and never really create a single line of real programming code, or you enrich this design with business logic created in TMLScript, a server-side implementation of JavaScript. You might also directly define more complex functionalities in Java, or use your existing Java APIs, which can be tightly integrated into both TMLScript and WebTML.

Also, the way that you use the content repository is entirely up to you. You might model it to fit the page hierarchy of your website with OpenWGA Content Manager, or you may use those content documents for custom data storage, that you create via our dedicated Data-API, but which you still will be able to browse and query via WebTML.

Last, certainly not least, there is a real, state-of-the-art IDE assisting you in doing your programming tasks


Examples for OpenWGA applications are the OpenWGA Content Manager and the OpenWGA Admin Client.

Both are feature rich ajax based applications running in the browser. And both applications are developed completely using the features OpenWGA offers for application development without a line of Java code inside:

  • Powerful tag based template engine for the presentation of data and the UI
  • Powerful scripting engine giving you full access to the OpenWGA API-s as well as all other Java API-s you may add to your application
  • Easy to use powerful ajax enabled portlet framework

Learn more ...

If you want to learn more about using OpenWGA for application development we advice you to create and analyze the application-sample delivered with the OpenWGA Developer Studio. This sample application is also described in detail in the tutorial section of this site.