Developer Studio

The OpenWGA Developer Studio packages an OpenWGA CMS server together with all necessary development and deployment tools to create, develop, deploy, share and maintain your OpenWGA CMS applications.

Downloads having ".x86." in names are for 32-Bit operating systems, those having ".x86_64." are for 64-Bit operating systems.

You will need a Java Runtime installed to run the studio! Please see the installation guide for choosing the right download type and ensuring that your system meets the prerequisites. 

Downloads for Windows
Name Last modified Size Mar 31, 2024 3:16:23 PM 171.19 MB Mar 31, 2024 3:16:23 PM 171.15 MB
Downloads for MacOS
Name Last modified Size
openwga-developer-studio-3.2.0-202403311312-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.tar.gz Mar 31, 2024 3:16:23 PM 170.41 MB
Downloads for Linux
Name Last modified Size
openwga-developer-studio-3.2.0-202403311312-linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz Mar 31, 2024 3:16:22 PM 170.66 MB
openwga-developer-studio-3.2.0-202403311312-linux.gtk.x86.tar.gz Mar 31, 2024 3:16:22 PM 170.53 MB