Open Source Java based Enterprise CMS

Open Source Java based Enterprise CMS:  Ready for business critical enterprise web applications

Real WYSIWYG - Inline Editing - No Forms

Showing just an RTF-Editor in a popup window is not how we understand WYSIWYG. Authors need exact control over paragraph length and line breaks, table widths and image sizes to create great looking content.

Designed for professional web projects

Just Tags and server side Javascript - no java inside any template code.

OpenWGA Developer Studio supports the software development process by delivering all necessary tools to create, develop, deploy and share OpenWGA web applications.

Ready for business critical enterprise web applications

A set of advanced technologies like its secure cluster architecture, JMX monitoring, SSO via SPNEGO, CMIS and the integrated REST-API makes OpenWGA Java CMS the optimal platform to run business critical enterprise applications.

Scalable, Robust and Secure

When Availability matters

24x7: OpenWGA Cluster Management
The OpenWGA CMS cluster management framework does not only support secure cluster communication and distributed task execution. It also comes with its own integrated session replication with optimized resource handling.

Together with clustered DBMS platforms like Percona XtraDB Cluster OpenWGA cluster can be used in distributed data center environments (WAN/Geo-Clustering).

More about OpenWGA Java CMS Clustering ...

Optimal Image Pixel Sizes

Adaptive Images and Responsive Designs

Image Derivates: Optimized Image Sizes

OpenWGA creates and manages image variants in different sizes and automatically uses optimized images on Retina displays where ever possible.

Read more about adaptive images in OpenWGA Java CMS ...

Enjoy the Difference

Who will love OpenWGA

Creative Authors

The Authoring UI of OpenWGA Java CMS is easy to use yet extremely flexible and powerful.

The 3-panel-UI reminds to desktop Apps like MS Powerpoint. All elements are edited "inline". Drag&drop is used to upload files, create links or restructure the site.

The concept of content modules  gives authors the flexibility they are dreaming of.

Professional Developers

Developers hate to be forced to use a wild collection of tools like low level source code editors or command line tools not aware about the context they are working on.

The free Eclipsed based OpenWGA Developer Studio perfectly supports the CMS development process by delivering all necessary tools to create, develop, deploy and share OpenWGA java CMS applications.

System Integrators

It's the nature of a java based CMS like OpenWGA to be able to integrate with everything.

OpenWGA goes further: LDAP connectivity, a well documented CMS-Server-API, Lotus Domino connectivity, Single Sign On using SPNEGO, CMIS and WebDAV and a robust REST-API are only a few technologies making integration with backend systems easy.